Depression and getting rid of it.

Hey everyone

So sorry for being late.I’m up with new post now hope it would be helpful and you’ll like it.Won’t write too long but if you wanna share or ask something do write in comments or DM on Instagram @words_to_silence to get more tips.

Firstly i would like to introduce what depression is.So depression is basically a mental health disorder which makes a person feel sad and loose interest in activities. A person suffering from depression usually feels numb.

People often mix anger with depression.No matter how many days you spent crying it is never too late to give a new start.Depression is a state of a down mood and aversion to activity that can increase a person’s feeling of guilt,worthlessness,helplessness, hopelessness.It influences a person’s thought, behavior, feelings and state of well-being.

Cause and cure
According to science depression is a brain disorder but the exact cause is not justified yet.

Possible factors causing depression

  • Work stress 

Make a proper plan and take breaks

  • Family or relationship

If you feel unwanted or unloved try to make a place by spreading love. Ignore misbehaviors.

  • Change in hormonal levels

Medication and meditation.

  • Looks

Don’t feel disheartened if you think you are not really good looking.Good looks depends on how you carry yourself not just the handsome or beautiful face.

Depression is very common now a days.People never like to be in such state so i have some tips.
How can you get rid of depression

Medication do help but it depends on you more whether you actually wanna recover or not.Health care professionals treat patients with different therapies depending on each individual’s characteristics and symptoms.In general it’s simple you just don’t have to over think.People says many times that they don’t wanna over think but the thoughts don’t leave the room.It’s totally your call.If you let things dominate,they will.You just have to divert yourself.There are few things you can do which can make you feel better.

  • Play with kids
  • Have a pet (they often don’t let you feel alone)
  • Dance
  • Deleted all the sad songs from your library
  • Make a schedule
  • Think and do tasks which you like
  • Go out
  • Take proper sleep
  • Look good

Some of the teenagers try to cut wrists even.Oh please, never do that when you grow up the scars never leave and yes no one likes to have scars forever.It’s never a very big loss unless it’s loss of life.Stop over thinking.It’s you who can make a difference. You are super lucky if you have parents open up and share.

your life is precious use it for good.

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Thanks 😊


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