Words to a friend

Dear friend,

Its been 5 days you didn’t call me back.

Yes yes i do understand this busy schedule sucks.But the good news is i’ve become capable enough to manage life.I can keep things to myself.I still remember the days when  all my sad and happy moments used to be incomplete without telling you.It didn’t take me to think twice when i had to tell you my flaws.You have always been an amazing person in my life.My support system.We were never regular with conversations but you knew exactly how i was.Those 3AM sudden calls,you didn’t miss them even when you were asleep.You are the one who never judged but guided whenever i went wrong.People think they know me but the truth is it’s all just a matter of their perception.You know exactly how weird i am.You know how bad i can be but you know the good side as well.The kind of love we share doesn’t fit in words.I love to see you happy with your loved one.You have tolerate all my stupidities but never got bored.The one who never got angry on my silly mistakes.What scares me the most is how i would be if things got changed?What if my anger turned situations worst? There would be nothing worst than loosing you. I trust you the way i trust nobody else.We have come a long way and have much farther to go.You have accepted me with all my flaws.Everyone at some point in their life experiences heartbreak.So as i.I wanted to live in that world but you helped in making me face the reality.You understood things when i didn’t even say.

I don’t have any complains but i’m just lucky that i got u.There is alot more to write but i won’t because you understand without me to say.Let it be just unsaid.I know time holds the key of changing.

Soon or later i’ll also be a part of this busy schedule.You are far away  from me but the distance didn’t matter.Yes it would have been awesome if you were  here.I wish we could’ve had memories again.In future i hope when we see each other we feel the same we feel now.

Love you yar

Take care


2 thoughts on “Words to a friend

  1. I am aware of what you are feeling.We all have to go through such a period in life,cause we all are growing,sometimes growing out of that familiar companionship.It’s a cycle of life we meet new people,explore unknown turmoils of earth,but in the process,we find those who we can name as ‘Soulmates’,whom we can bare our heart out.But everybody is trying to catch a train,for a better tomorrow,in the process,we left the Elysian love we once breathed,in the platform,isolated and deserted.


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