She already knew he’ll leave

He tolerated all her nonsence.She wanted him to be a nice guy.He gave his best to be someone she could love and respect.So many ups and downs but he managed to travel through the chaos.He was a brave boy who truely deserved respect.Making him better was the only choice she had because her love for him was deep like the colour of blood.All the unsuccessful efforts sent her in trauma but she managed to come out somehow.The frustration was collecting day by day and the love was growing deeper and deeper. In this struggle,the bond they shared was becoming weak but the love was still same. She forgot how she cared for him,and how she used to express her love.Her expectations were still the same.He failed to handle her.He promissed to be with her as long as she is away from her parents.And when she went to home,he left her with so many memories that she couldn’t breath but to miss him with every single inhalation.The heart beating inside her made every beat sound.It was him in her mind and the sole.She followed all her routine tasks but not even a single minute he left her thaughts.Each night the voice saying I Love you echoed in her ears.

She knew everything but could’t do anything.

Is love like this only?

She knew he’ll leave.​why did his words meant so much?


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