A flashback!

A flashback!
Good and bad
Scared me strong me
For all what was wrong
To make it right
From things I love
To immense fight
I have gone so far
So have you
Guess we are not the one
The way we think…

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Basic styles of footwears

All of you come across several footwears that takeup you heart away.So this post of mine is for spreading some knowledge about them.I’ll keep it simply brief and concise.And please share your valuable feedback and quarries in the comment section.

The 8 basic styles of footwears are

  1. Oxford
  2. Derby
  3. Slippon
  4. Sports shoes
  5. Boots
  6. Courtshoe
  7. Moccasin
  8. Sandal

The footwears we see all around are made by giving variations in stylelines of them.
What makes them different from each other?
How can you identify which style is it?

I’ll start with Oxfords.

Oxford shoes are the shoes which have several characteristics when you focus on style lines and patterns of it.

  • For men’s, Women’s and unisex sometimes
  • Less opening for inserting feet
  • Vamp overlays quarter
  • Oxford stay is present.(It might be hidden sometimes)
Shoes by @yoheifukudashoemaker , Image source @instagram

    Derby shoes

    • Quarter overlays vamp
    • Derby lock is present
    • Wide opening
    • For men’s , women’s and Unisex sometimes
    Shoes by @vass_shoes ,Image source @Instagram


    • Laceless generally
    • Worn by slipping in feet
    • Low cut shoes
    • Men’s, women’s and Unisex
    Slippon by @esquivelshoes Imagesource @Instagram

    Sports shoes

    • Designed for specific sport
    • Highly comfortable
    • High cushioning
    • Men’s , Women’s and Unisex
    Shoes by @Nikewomen , Image source @Instagram


      • Backheight is more than other general footwears
      • Men’s , women’s and Unisex
      • Backheight generally divide them into Semi ankle,ankle,knee,thigh,calf boots
      Boots by @esquivelshoes , Image source @instagram
      Boots by @esquivelshoes ,Image source @Instagram
      Boots by @monikachiangshoes ,Image source @instagram


      • Courtshoes have unbroken topline.
      • Formal, casual, semiformal
      • Low cut front
      • Mainly worn by female
      Shoes by @Jimmychoo , Image source @Instagram


        • Handstitching
        • Made from soft materials
        • Men’s , women’s and Unisex
        • Common variations are true and false moccasin
        Shoes by @Tods , Image source @Instagram


        • Open type of footwears
        • Men’s , women’s and Unisex
        • Made with straps
          Image source – Google search engine

          These are the basic styles but there’s a huge range of variations.

          Dorp your quarries at comment section and share your feedback.

          Words to a friend

          Dear friend,

          Its been 5 days you didn’t call me back.

          Yes yes i do understand this busy schedule sucks.But the good news is i’ve become capable enough to manage life.I can keep things to myself.I still remember the days when  all my sad and happy moments used to be incomplete without telling you.It didn’t take me to think twice when i had to tell you my flaws.You have always been an amazing person in my life.My support system.We were never regular with conversations but you knew exactly how i was.Those 3AM sudden calls,you didn’t miss them even when you were asleep.You are the one who never judged but guided whenever i went wrong.People think they know me but the truth is it’s all just a matter of their perception.You know exactly how weird i am.You know how bad i can be but you know the good side as well.The kind of love we share doesn’t fit in words.I love to see you happy with your loved one.You have tolerate all my stupidities but never got bored.The one who never got angry on my silly mistakes.What scares me the most is how i would be if things got changed?What if my anger turned situations worst? There would be nothing worst than loosing you. I trust you the way i trust nobody else.We have come a long way and have much farther to go.You have accepted me with all my flaws.Everyone at some point in their life experiences heartbreak.So as i.I wanted to live in that world but you helped in making me face the reality.You understood things when i didn’t even say.

          I don’t have any complains but i’m just lucky that i got u.There is alot more to write but i won’t because you understand without me to say.Let it be just unsaid.I know time holds the key of changing.

          Soon or later i’ll also be a part of this busy schedule.You are far away  from me but the distance didn’t matter.Yes it would have been awesome if you were  here.I wish we could’ve had memories again.In future i hope when we see each other we feel the same we feel now.

          Love you yar

          Take care

          What was she supposed to do?

          What was she supposed to do

          When she was cheated

          What was she supposed to do

          When her love cheated

          What was she supposed to do

          When she was scared of loving

          What was she supposed to do

          When she collected the courage

          What was she supposed to do

          When she was left

          What was she supposed to do

          When she got a friend

          What was she supposed to do

          When he fallen for her

          What was she supposed to do

          When she was couldn’t move on

          What was she supposed to do

          When friendship was her strength

          What was she supposed to do

          When it turned into love

          What was she supposed to do

          When he turned into her boyfriend

          What was she supposed to do

          When she was loyal

          What was she supposed to do

          When he cheated

          What was she supposed to do

          When she weakend

          What was she supposed to do

          When she was lonely

          What was she supposed to do

          When she lost friends

          What was she supposed to do

          When years passed

          What was she supposed to do

          When he was trance

          What was she supposed to do

          When she met a friend

          What was she supposed to do

          When she managed the distance

          What was she supposed to do

          When he raised his hand

          What was she supposed to do

          When the one protected broke her again

          What was she supposed to do

          When she was just the need

          What was she supposed to do

          When she he forgot good deeds

          When when he got a new friend

          What was she supposed to do

          When he took her place

          What was she supposed to do

          When she cried all day

          What was she supposed to do

          When he left after playing

          What was she supposed to do

          When they were strangers again…..

          One should be very careful while accepting and loving.life is all about editing.Make sure you won’t be replaced when they find someone better.

          The pictures in the collage are taken from


          From @ourmoodydays

          Visit link for more such pictures


          Depression and getting rid of it.

          Hey everyone

          So sorry for being late.I’m up with new post now hope it would be helpful and you’ll like it.Won’t write too long but if you wanna share or ask something do write in comments or DM on Instagram @words_to_silence to get more tips.

          Firstly i would like to introduce what depression is.So depression is basically a mental health disorder which makes a person feel sad and loose interest in activities. A person suffering from depression usually feels numb.

          People often mix anger with depression.No matter how many days you spent crying it is never too late to give a new start.Depression is a state of a down mood and aversion to activity that can increase a person’s feeling of guilt,worthlessness,helplessness, hopelessness.It influences a person’s thought, behavior, feelings and state of well-being.

          Cause and cure
          According to science depression is a brain disorder but the exact cause is not justified yet.

          Possible factors causing depression

          • Work stress 

          Make a proper plan and take breaks

          • Family or relationship

          If you feel unwanted or unloved try to make a place by spreading love. Ignore misbehaviors.

          • Change in hormonal levels

          Medication and meditation.

          • Looks

          Don’t feel disheartened if you think you are not really good looking.Good looks depends on how you carry yourself not just the handsome or beautiful face.

          Depression is very common now a days.People never like to be in such state so i have some tips.
          How can you get rid of depression

          Medication do help but it depends on you more whether you actually wanna recover or not.Health care professionals treat patients with different therapies depending on each individual’s characteristics and symptoms.In general it’s simple you just don’t have to over think.People says many times that they don’t wanna over think but the thoughts don’t leave the room.It’s totally your call.If you let things dominate,they will.You just have to divert yourself.There are few things you can do which can make you feel better.

          • Play with kids
          • Have a pet (they often don’t let you feel alone)
          • Dance
          • Deleted all the sad songs from your library
          • Make a schedule
          • Think and do tasks which you like
          • Go out
          • Take proper sleep
          • Look good

          Some of the teenagers try to cut wrists even.Oh please, never do that when you grow up the scars never leave and yes no one likes to have scars forever.It’s never a very big loss unless it’s loss of life.Stop over thinking.It’s you who can make a difference. You are super lucky if you have parents open up and share.

          your life is precious use it for good.

          DM @words_to_silence (Instagram) for personal queries your Identity will be kept secret don’t worry or comment on post if you like.

          Thanks 😊

          That cry!

          Tears were rolling

          Down from cheeks

          Reaching a surface

          Like a pot of sorrow

          Smooth like silk

          Passing through lines

          Of shrinked skin

          Accelerated with beat

          Silent and calm

          Like a breeze in sun

          Deep and deep

          Lost in sorrow

          Was lying a girl

          Peeping from curls

          Weak and Sleek

          Struggling for sleep

          That moment…

          In a frustration

          She threw her phone

          Cz she felt like love has gone

          With a heart little of love

          She left herself free for tears to roll

          Just like a feather with no strength

          Clueless about where she should be

          Felt a sudden hold and someone holded hand

          The grip grew more stronger

          With a warm cover that became a sheild

          Got the place where she exactly should be

          Stopped shreiking as the soule was commanding

          Felt a warm breath of someone

          Who wanted her to be free

          Free from grip of those boundaries

          That was a prince who made her free 

          Free from all those scars which were not ment to be……

          One more time…!

          ​the hands were holded one more time but this time it was painful,

          the hairs were flipped one more time but this time it was painful,

          the neck was holded one more time but this time the marks were painful,

          the stomach was touched one more time but this time clotted blood was painful,

          the breath was high one more time but this time water followed was painful,

          she smiled one more time but beauty enhanced was painful,

          the body looked pink one more time but heat was deadly painful,

          she was broken one more time but the survival was painful,

          things were ok one more time because leaving him was peaceful.!

          Revenge of screams

          In the search of love

          In the search of peace

          With blues in mind

          She walked for miles

          Everywhere to go

          But nowhere to be

          Lost in the battle

          Of soul and mind

          Found that teen

          A golden light

          Chasing with fear

          She reached a site

          Looked like a home

          Calling her in

          Was an old lady

          With a pale skin

          She went there

          without any sin

          Asked that lady

          If she could come in

          In the dim light of dawn

          Lady welcomed her with a smile

          Saw a photograph on the wall

          She went in her room

          Shattered with thoughts

          Leaned her head on pillow

          Waited for the phone to ring

          Looked several times

          But couldn’t see the change

          Time was passing

          As it was really mean

          She wanted to go back

          But it didn’t stop

          Made her realise

          Nothing will stop

          She’ll have to walk

          For the dreams she saw

          When she was a little doll

          Leaving things behind

          She went where her mom was laying

          Kept her hand on her tummy

          she found her best mummy

          Was a certain relief

          She closed her eyes

          There she found love

          There she found peace

          That was the revenge

          Of all her screms….!

          Who snached her smile

          ​Scared of spider living inside her head

          Who was Knitting a web of confusing quest

          Keeping brushes in her hand

          She was painting a map moving ahead

          The path was blurr

          Too cold to utter

          Willing to scream and in search of light

          She saw someone calm and quite

          Seeking for help she walked a mile

          It was him who snached her smile….