Basic styles of footwears

All of you come across several footwears that takeup you heart away.So this post of mine is for spreading some knowledge about them.I’ll keep it simply brief and concise.And please share your valuable feedback and quarries in the comment section.

The 8 basic styles of footwears are

  1. Oxford
  2. Derby
  3. Slippon
  4. Sports shoes
  5. Boots
  6. Courtshoe
  7. Moccasin
  8. Sandal

The footwears we see all around are made by giving variations in stylelines of them.
What makes them different from each other?
How can you identify which style is it?

I’ll start with Oxfords.

Oxford shoes are the shoes which have several characteristics when you focus on style lines and patterns of it.

  • For men’s, Women’s and unisex sometimes
  • Less opening for inserting feet
  • Vamp overlays quarter
  • Oxford stay is present.(It might be hidden sometimes)
Shoes by @yoheifukudashoemaker , Image source @instagram

    Derby shoes

    • Quarter overlays vamp
    • Derby lock is present
    • Wide opening
    • For men’s , women’s and Unisex sometimes
    Shoes by @vass_shoes ,Image source @Instagram


    • Laceless generally
    • Worn by slipping in feet
    • Low cut shoes
    • Men’s, women’s and Unisex
    Slippon by @esquivelshoes Imagesource @Instagram

    Sports shoes

    • Designed for specific sport
    • Highly comfortable
    • High cushioning
    • Men’s , Women’s and Unisex
    Shoes by @Nikewomen , Image source @Instagram


      • Backheight is more than other general footwears
      • Men’s , women’s and Unisex
      • Backheight generally divide them into Semi ankle,ankle,knee,thigh,calf boots
      Boots by @esquivelshoes , Image source @instagram
      Boots by @esquivelshoes ,Image source @Instagram
      Boots by @monikachiangshoes ,Image source @instagram


      • Courtshoes have unbroken topline.
      • Formal, casual, semiformal
      • Low cut front
      • Mainly worn by female
      Shoes by @Jimmychoo , Image source @Instagram


        • Handstitching
        • Made from soft materials
        • Men’s , women’s and Unisex
        • Common variations are true and false moccasin
        Shoes by @Tods , Image source @Instagram


        • Open type of footwears
        • Men’s , women’s and Unisex
        • Made with straps
          Image source – Google search engine

          These are the basic styles but there’s a huge range of variations.

          Dorp your quarries at comment section and share your feedback.