Points we all know but fails to follow all the time.

  • Accept life as it comes.
  • Do not expect too much,expectation kills happiness.
  • Do not talk to your lovedones while angry.
  • Say thanks if you are actually thankfull,it inspires the person to do the same thing again.
  • Cry as hard as you can but never cry for the same reason again and again.
  • Always save money for the hard times.
  • Leave the place where you are not respected.
  • Don’t get disappointed when someone sweet to you says anyting wrong,even the sweetest chocolate has an expiry date.
  • Heartbreaks are just a part of life.
  • Even the wisest man comes to grief.
  • Untruthfulnes,anger,rashness,guile,cruelty are natural flaws.Dominate over them before they dominate over your lifestyle.
  • Never take advantage of your parent’s friendly behaviour.
  • None of the heartbreaks are so painful than to see tears in your mother’s eyes.Be brave enough to face the reality.
  • Never make your trust ordinary.
  • Do not let a single day to pass without laughter.
  • Never giveup if you actually want something.
  • You are the one who owns the key to your happiness.
  • Follow what your heart says.
  • Never kill a child hidden inside you
  • Never put limit on what you can do.
  • Don’t cry for past,it will never come back.
  • Best revenge is to ignore
  • Whenever you start remember those who believe in you.
  • Learn to appreciate what you have.

    It is never too late to start,

    After every sunset,there is a sunrise.

    Keep calm and relax.

    If it is not okay now it’s gonna be fine later.

    Inspiration : this painting


    My very first post..

    Helow everyone.I hope you are enjoying winters.Recently i visited Taj Mahal so my post is about my experience.

    As i reached,the sight was wonderful.Such a huge monument with immense beauty was right infront of me.Each and every corner was full of creativity and great finish.Shahjahan and Mumtaz died but their beautiful love was still present in the walls of Taj Mahahal.Their graves next to each other clearly indicates that “Love is immortal”.A big credit goes to Ustad Ahmad lahauri (Architect of Taj).The beautiful nakkashi was enhancing the beauty.The yamuna river was creating a beautiful sight.

    Nearby Taj there are a few shops which are named as Meena Bazar .100g razai,sarees made from bamboo thread and banana leaf etc are soled there.

    Beautiful sunset and fog were like cherry on top.It was a great experience.I’m attaching few pictures also.Hope you like 😊