Revenge of screams

In the search of love

In the search of peace

With blues in mind

She walked for miles

Everywhere to go

But nowhere to be

Lost in the battle

Of soul and mind

Found that teen

A golden light

Chasing with fear

She reached a site

Looked like a home

Calling her in

Was an old lady

With a pale skin

She went there

without any sin

Asked that lady

If she could come in

In the dim light of dawn

Lady welcomed her with a smile

Saw a photograph on the wall

She went in her room

Shattered with thoughts

Leaned her head on pillow

Waited for the phone to ring

Looked several times

But couldn’t see the change

Time was passing

As it was really mean

She wanted to go back

But it didn’t stop

Made her realise

Nothing will stop

She’ll have to walk

For the dreams she saw

When she was a little doll

Leaving things behind

She went where her mom was laying

Kept her hand on her tummy

she found her best mummy

Was a certain relief

She closed her eyes

There she found love

There she found peace

That was the revenge

Of all her screms….!


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