She wanted a world where only they both exist ðŸ’”

It started from their friendship…she went through a heart break and he was the shoulder.He promissed her for not being the reason of her tears ever.she was a hyper sensitive girl but she was bold and strong.the time she met him was the time when she wanted to deny something but she didn’t know what to deny.their bond grew stronger day by day and suddenly the black clouds started to roll over their happy life.she got to know about his lies.she found everything was nothing less then a lie.It was tough for her to trust him back but it was the only choice left.

She loved him anyway.she gave endless chances in a hope he would change.They had arguements,they had fights.They were still together.she was sick of lonliness,anger,frustation,cheated.wherever she went feeling of leftout chased her.she was good at looks and she started overthinking.sleepless nights were a part of her life.He did efforts to console her but she could only forgive,couldn’t forget.some how with his help she managed to walk through tough life.She became more and more insecured with every single mistake he did.she wanted to live a happy life with him but her past made her to think thrice about everything.She grew more and more possesive and concerned when it was about him.He didn’t leave her hand but she started building walls around her.she started to interact less.she wanted nothing but him.she wanted to live like a child but she went through hell.He was her world.she wanted to keep him away from false eyes.she wanted nothing but a world where only they both exist.She couldn’t understand what to do but to live in hope…

There are few questions for you all ..

Was she right?

What would be her future?

Whould she be able to live happily with him?

Is it okay if she try to keep him away from the world? 

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