Points we all know but fails to follow all the time.

  • Accept life as it comes.
  • Do not expect too much,expectation kills happiness.
  • Do not talk to your lovedones while angry.
  • Say thanks if you are actually thankfull,it inspires the person to do the same thing again.
  • Cry as hard as you can but never cry for the same reason again and again.
  • Always save money for the hard times.
  • Leave the place where you are not respected.
  • Don’t get disappointed when someone sweet to you says anyting wrong,even the sweetest chocolate has an expiry date.
  • Heartbreaks are just a part of life.
  • Even the wisest man comes to grief.
  • Untruthfulnes,anger,rashness,guile,cruelty are natural flaws.Dominate over them before they dominate over your lifestyle.
  • Never take advantage of your parent’s friendly behaviour.
  • None of the heartbreaks are so painful than to see tears in your mother’s eyes.Be brave enough to face the reality.
  • Never make your trust ordinary.
  • Do not let a single day to pass without laughter.
  • Never giveup if you actually want something.
  • You are the one who owns the key to your happiness.
  • Follow what your heart says.
  • Never kill a child hidden inside you
  • Never put limit on what you can do.
  • Don’t cry for past,it will never come back.
  • Best revenge is to ignore
  • Whenever you start remember those who believe in you.
  • Learn to appreciate what you have.

    It is never too late to start,

    After every sunset,there is a sunrise.

    Keep calm and relax.

    If it is not okay now it’s gonna be fine later.

    Inspiration : this painting


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